Hearing Carry Over

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Mariah, Shinzo No Tobira (1983)

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“…the ominous sight of Gould steeping his hands in hot water before venturing out onstage—for a split second, you think of slashed wrists.”
— Anthony Lane, TNY
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A paragraph is a container for sentences—like a shadow box, a burea drawer, a coffin, a laundry hamper, a diaper hamper, a time capsule. I put as many sentences in the box as will fit, Sometimes I keep the box relatively empty. I shake the box and let the sentences fall into different positions.

I write for solitude’s sake, not for companionship or communication. My writing may seem chatty but its aims are inexpressive and abstract.

I write to wallow—to feel a soaring upward and then a crash downward. Adjective or noun or adverb can be anagnorisis and peripeteia happening simultaneously. Diction should hurt. I like to twist a word into its dirty groove.

— Wayne Koestenbaum

Michael Craig-Martin at Gagosian Hong Kong

Video credit: Nick Foxall

New Musik, Warp [Ilo edit] (internet, 2013)